Hospitality Dare #7 - Host a Party With a Purpose

This is the final day of my participation in the Hospitality Dare. For 7 days I've responded to a dare sent out by Kristin and Krista. See the link at the end of this post for details on how you can take the Hospitality Dare. It's not too late!

Dare #7:   Take a minute to plan a BYOI party (bring your own item).  We have many ideas for you on Kristin's website (think wine & cheese bar, ice cream bar, chili bar, etc.) Yes, the party will take more time than a minute, but this is your GRAND FINALE!  It should be easy since everyone is bringing something. Kristin's post gives the details about hosting a Party With a Purpose!

I love this dare! 

I had already planned a Fall luncheon to get together with my girl friends. To take time to have a little fun and fellowship before the hectic holiday season is upon us. 

The time from Thanksgiving to New Years is always filled with parties and activities but this year in December we're adding in a college graduation for one of my boys. I knew once we hit Thanksgiving I probably wouldn't have time to get all my friends together so this is like our last big hooray!

I printed out a little poem I made up and glued it to the front of the invitation.
 (I'm no poet but I think it gets the point across!)

Celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and
New Year's Eve can leave us in a tizzy. 
Let's take some time for friends and fun before we
get so busy!

Right before I sent the invitations I received this dare from Kristin and Krista to host a party with a purpose. 

Getting together with friends is a good purpose in itself but I thought I would expand on it a little. 

I decided to offer the ladies a chance to participate in Operation Christmas Child I slipped a little note in the invitation asking each lady to bring a small gift for the shoe boxes. I made it clear this of course was optional but I know each woman invited and I know they'll be happy to contribute. 

We'll take a group picture to add to the shoe boxes. I love the thought of a child somewhere in the world opening the box of goodies and seeing a bunch of smiling women looking back at them! 

I'll be posting about this luncheon and our group project Operation Christmas Child. 

This is the last day of the Hospitality Dare for me. You can still participate on your own. Go to Kristin's blog for details on how to sign up and how to host a party with a purpose!

I dare you!

You can see what I did to meet these dares:

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