Dares & Challenges

7 Day Hospitality Dare
Day 1 - Lunch Sacks and Manna Bags
Day 2 - Make Someone Feel Special
Day 3 - Really Listen to Someone
Day 4 - Provide for a Need Today
Day 5 - Give a Small Gift
Day 6 - Welcome to the Neighborhood
Day 7 - Host a Party With a Purpose

7 Day Gratitude Dare:

Day 1 - Say thank you to someone in the service industry. Clerk at the store, custodian at work, etc.
Day 2- Wake up every morning and write down the things you're grateful for.
Day 3- Give thanks for food! Cook a meal for someone or drop food off at a food pantry
Day 4-Tell each family member how much you appreciate them
Day 5-Be thankful for provisions - share food, clothes, shelter with the homeless
Day 6 - Give thanks for friends
Day 7- Give thanks for someone who has inspired you in your life

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