Hospitality Dare #1 Lunch Sacks and Manna Bags

I got the first dare in my inbox yesterday. 

Day #1 Dare:   Make an extra lunch and put it in a bag.  Throughout the day, look for someone to bless.  It could be a homeless person, a child who forgot their lunch at school, a co-worker who has no time to eat, etc. {If you are a praying person, pray over the lunch and who to give it to}.   

I modified this dare a little. I do pack a lunch for my husband. It consists of leftovers and since I only had one hamburger patty I didn't have any extra to send as far as lunch goes. So I decided to make a pan of brownies for him to take to the employees in his office. 

He was happy since I don't usually make brownies just for us and he said the guys at work would eat them up.

Brownies made from a box mix. Can't get much easier than that! My
husband said they were gone by 8am!

The challenge option is to make Manna Bags. You can read all the details on Kirsten's post. She even has some neat printable.  Basically a Manna Bag is  a gallon size Ziploc bag that you fill with things such as individual servings of canned foods like beanie weenies and packages of crackers and a few hygiene items like a toothbrush and toothpaste. Keep these bags in your car and pass out to people in need. I did this project with my women's circle a while back and it's a really neat way to handle people who are on street corner asking for help.

(Manna - when the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness they cried out for food and God generously rained down manna for them to eat. Exodus 16 The bible says that manna tasted like wafers made with honey. God gives only the best!)

Instead of making the bags I went to Sam's Club and purchased a case of Beanie Weenies, small fruit cups and peanut butter crackers to donate to our church's mini food pantry.  There's a small homeless population who live in the woods by our church and these bags are given out to those who come looking for help.

I didn't do this exactly as I was dared to but it did  spur me do something and that's what counts:-)

Hospitality is about seeing the needs around you and doing what you can to meet those needs.  

Have you reached out to meet a need today?

I dare you!


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  1. Love this! My son is in a play right now at school and is staying at school all day and into the night. He's been packing food. I will send brownies for his friends. :)


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