Hello Friends It's Been a While

I'm sorry to have been gone so long and I thank those of you who have inquired about my whereabouts. I'm ready to get back to blogging about hospitality and entertaining. I hope maybe there's a few people out there who are still interested in reading. Thank you if you are!!!

I haven't been completely away from blog land. I've been working on my other blog with a friend of mine. After a little health scare she and I started a project that ended up taking a lot of my free time. But I've learned a lot about blogging and posting that have made things easier for me so I'm ready to get back to my first blog love-hospitality and entertaining.

If you're interested you can check out my other blog A Year Of Healthy Habits. I've actually lost 15 pounds (a few more to go)  and lowered my blood pressure all by trading a few bad habits for some good ones. I feel better and have more energy now and I'm ready to party!

Thanks for sticking around!


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