Take Out Hospitality

Taking can be a good thing when we take our hospitality outside the walls of our home. There are many situations when a meal would be greatly appreciated.

A new baby in the home
An illness
Death in the family
Financial need
To say I'm thinking of you
and so on...

A few guidelines

  • Call ahead 
  • Check for food allergies or special diet restrictions 
  • Find out who you'll be feeding  and how many - a family with teenagers will need more food than a couple with a toddler. 
  • Decide on the meal - Once I know the answer to the above questions I usually suggest two different entrees and let the family or the person in need decide. For example I might say I could bring chicken and rice or lasagna...
  • Make the meal complete. Main dish, vegetable or salad, bread and dessert. I usually even bring the drink. A jug of tea or juice for the kids.
  • If the cost is too much consider going in with a friend or two and split the cost of the food and the cooking.
  • Use disposable containers and pans - don't burden someone by making them responsible to return your dishes.
  • Decide on a time - ideally I like to bring the food hot and ready to go on the table. If that isn't possible I make sure to include heating instructions with the meal
  • Think beyond the food. A few flowers from the garden are a nice surprise or a small toy for the children.

  • Most Important! Never do for someone else unless you've taken care of your own family. When I take a meal to someone I usually just cook double of whatever I'm feeding my own family. It's not much more trouble for me and I know my family will be happy. 

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