Cards for the Troops

I meet with a group of ladies once a month to work on our scrapbooks or a craft project. 
We probably do more eating and talking than actual crafting but we do have a good time:-)

At our annual Christmas tea and cookie exchange we were discussing plans for our group for the New Year. One of the ladies suggested that as a group we take on some type of an outreach. 

We decided to make handmade cards and send them to the soldiers in Afghanistan. (This was very appealing to me since my oldest son has been on two deployments.) The plan was to make Valentine cards that the soldiers could use to send back home to their loved ones. 

Time was running short so we decided to meet in early January and make the cards. They'd then be boxed and mailed to the boyfriend of one of the girls in our group. He agreed to make the cards available to the other soldiers in his unit. (She laughed and said that was one way to be sure to get a Valentine's Day card from her boyfriend!)

We met this past Saturday with the hope of making 30 cards. 

Organized chaos

By the end of the day we'd made 48 cards!
(That's really good considering we had a 6 month old baby visiting and everyone had to take turns loving on him:)

As I worked on my cards I prayed for the soldier who would receive it and for whoever he/she sent it to. I know the other ladies did the same. 

Please remember our soldiers who are faithfully serving our country in places far away and their families at home. 



  1. Patti, I think that's such a sweet idea. You know those soldiers probably don't have access to something like that. No doubt you all will be making some people very happy.

  2. You're right Stacey. My son spent 15 months in Iraq and 12 months in Afghanistan and there were times he couldn't even get toothpaste! I hope these cards will brighten someone's day.


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