A Small Thing Brings Great Joy-Write a Letter

"A letter is a blessing, a great and all-too-rare privilege that can turn a private moment into an exalted experience."  
Alexandra Stoddard

Do you write letters? Not email- typed on a computer but with pen and paper written by your own hand?

It makes me sad to think that handwritten letters sent by what is called snail mail are becoming (and maybe already are) a thing of the past. 

The other day my husband remarked that if it wasn't for junk mail we'd get no mail at all. Even the bills are paperless. More ecologically sound I suppose.

When my mother-in-law was alive she was a prolific letter writer.  At least once a week a letter would appear in the mailbox.

I loved to see the envelope in the mailbox with her small, not so neat handwriting. Her stationary usually had a red cardinal on it somewhere.

Sometimes the letter was addressed to me or my husband or to one of the children. 

She'd fill the letter with little bits of what was happening with my husband's brothers and sister. She'd send her love to her grandchildren. And somewhere in every letter to me she'd tell me I was a good mom and I was doing a great job...

I miss those letters. 

I miss my mother-in-law. 

I'm a keeper. A sentimental fool so I still have every letter she wrote to me and most of the ones she sent to her grandchildren. I love reading over those letters. Those little doses of love and encouragement that only cost her the price of a stamp but are priceless to me.

I wish I could be more like my mother-in-law but I do manage an occasional letter here and there. I like to think about the person coming to the mail box expecting junk mail or bills and being surprised to see a hand written letter. I hope that my letters bring a little moment of joy and anticipation to the person receiving it.

Is there someone in your life who could use a little note of encouragement? Why not drop a letter in the mail and send a little cheer?

Sometimes the smallest things bring the greatest joy.


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  1. Hi Patti. :) My mother-in-law is a letter writer/note sender too. Her notes are always filled with encouragement. Always. Sometimes we joke that her letters beat us home and we just live across town. We should all strive to be more like that and your post is a great reminder.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for following...
      It's nice to know that not all mothers-in-law have a bad reputation!

  2. Hi Patti, Your post was just what I had been thinking myself. I just mailed a hand written three page letter to a very dear and precious lady. She is very elderly now mid eighties. She was a women that really mentored me many moons ago.
    Keep writing for this is what blogging is all about.And I had the most wonderful mother-in-law a young bride at the time could of ever hoped for!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. I've never been much of a letter-writer, but the one thing my brother asked for while he is working in Afghanistan is handwritten letters. My penmanship stinks, but I've found that I do enjoy taking the time to write to him.

  4. I know your brother will love getting your letters. That connection to home is what's important.


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