26 Acts of Kindness

NBC's Ann Curry began "26 Acts of Kindness" to honor the memory of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy. You can read about it here and there is also a Facebook page.

The idea is simple. We each need to step out of our comfort zone and do something nice for someone. 

26 kindnesses for 26 people.

(Of course there's no reason we have to stop at 26.)

You can post about it on Facebook or keep it a secret. It's up to you. 

Like Ann Curry said, "Are you in?".

I am!


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  1. Hi Patti, What a great idea!!!
    Your Name for you blog is really wonderful. I long for hospitality to give and when I am honored to recieve it. You will have a ministry and a gifting in your blog. It will be fun to se and read your post. To be crative and getting to know some wonderful ladies!
    Blessings, Roxy
    P.S. Are you going to add a Blog List to your side bar? I would be honored to be a blog you visit!


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