Get Ready to Party Series Day 5- Games Anyone?

I recently hosted a group of  friends in my home for a fall luncheon. I thought it might be fun and helpful to write a series on how I planned and pulled off this party.
My hope is that by sharing it may be a blessing to someone else and it might encourage others to step out and invite someone in!

Day 5 - Games Anyone? 

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I love to play party games!
Games may not be appropriate at every party or gathering but I do find a fun game can break the ice and get people talking. 

For my fall luncheon I invited women from different areas of my life. My Zumba class, work, church, my family. They all knew me but didn't all know each other. I wanted to find a way to introduce them to each other that would be fun and to show that we're all connected in some way.
A friend of mine introduced me to the Connection game and I thought it was perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. 

Lots of fun and simple to play.

We're All Connected Game

All you need is a large ball of yarn. 

One person starts by saying something about themselves. 
For example, "I like the color green."
Everyone in the room who likes green raises their  hand and the ball of yarn gets tossed from person to person. (Each person needs to continue to hold on to the yarn.) The last person to get the yarn says something new about themselves such as "I have children". Everyone who has children raises their hand and the yarn gets passed from one to the other. 
The trick is to not let go of the yarn as it's passed from person to person. 
You'll develop a spider web effect after a few minutes.
It's a neat way to see that all though we may appear different we really are all connected in some way. We all have something in common.

We had a lot of fun coming up with things to say. Even when one person said something that no one else could respond to the ladies began to improvise just so they could get the yarn tossed to them.

One of the best reasons to host a party or gathering -to make connections and hopefully in the process to make a new friend or two.

I hope to see you tomorrow when I'll show you that you don't have to go it alone when you host a party. 


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  1. Oh! I'm excited about this game! I cannot wait to do it with a group. I just signed up to follow you on BlogLovin. I like your posts.


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