Hospitality Dare #6 - Welcome to the Neighborhood

Dare #6:   Notice the "new kid on the block." Fill out the "Welcome to Our Community " and give it in a welcome card or basket.  If you don't have someone new to the area, but new to a school or a group, offer to introduce him/her to others.

After many moves during our married life our family settled down in a home that we hope is our last move.

To find this house we did most of our hunting long distance and online. As a family we had prayed that God would lead us to just the right house in the right neighborhood.

When I saw what was to become my new home for the first time I felt God saying "This is it, this is your new home!".

So we put in an offer which was accepted and happily moved in certain this was where God wanted us to be.

My happiness turned to sadness when no one from our new neighborhood came over and introduced themselves.

Had I heard God wrong? Did I just love this house so much that I imagined this was where God wanted us?

Over the course of a couple of months we did meet most of our neighbors on our street. Not because they came to us but because we went to them.

That's when I realized that this is where God wanted us.

After that experience I've never allowed someone new to move in on our street that I didn't go over and introduce myself.

A few tips for meeting your neighbors:

  • A plate of cookies is nice but don't get hung up making it a big deal. The last new neighbor I introduced myself to I saw her getting her mail out at the street. I just stopped my car and introduced myself.  
  • Don't be offended if your welcome isn't received with open arms. People are funny sometimes. When I met my new neighbor a couple of doors down (at the mailbox again) the lady told me she wasn't interested in getting involved in the neighborhood. I told her that was fine but my name's Patti and I live 2 doors down. If you ever need anything let me know...Other than an occasional wave when I pass her on the street we've not spoken again. But I can say I did what I could. 
  • Don't feel like you have to be best friends with everyone. Sometimes just knowing your neighbors name is enough. 
  • Take a prayer walk through your neighborhood. As you walk by each house pray for the occupants. If you don't know your neighbors pray that God would open an opportunity for you to meet. 

To join this Hospitality Dare check out Kristin's blog and take the dare!

I dare you!

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Do you know your neighbors?

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  1. I will happily join you with this. We moved to a new town and new neighborhood last year. In the past our neighbors were incredibly friendly - introducing themselves practically as the moving truck pulled in. At this house, nobody came by! Nobody. I was devastated for awhile then started doing just what you did. Now everyone is unbelievably friendly. It's a brand new neighborhood and I realize now that we were all new and lost and hoping for friendly neighbors. :)


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