Hospitality Dare #4 - Provide for a Need Today

I'm participating in a Hospitality Dare. For 7 days I'll be posting about how I took the dare and what I did.
See the end of this post for how you can take the hospitality dare.

Dare #4:   Provide for a need today.  Take a bag of rummage to a non-profit, help an elderly person load groceries, take someone home from school who doesn't have a ride, or sacrificially give of your time or resources in some small (or big) way. 

The first day of the dare series I bought a case of beanie weenies, fruit cups and peanut butter crackers. I delivered these food items today to our church for the mini food pantry. We support a large food pantry that serves families in our community but we also keep a small mini pantry at our church.  This mini pantry is used to help people who stop by the church office looking for help.   Many of the people who need help are homeless, living on the streets or camping in the woods behind our church. All items in the bag are ready to eat. The bags also contain hygiene items as well. 

Some of the items in the bag:
Beanie weenies
Vienna sausage
potted meats
fruit cups
pudding cups
baked beans
bottled water and juice
plastic forks and spoons
Hand wipes 

Every church should keep a food pantry of some type in their facility. It's a great way to give immediate help when someone can't get to the big food pantry right away.

The mini pantry is kept in a closest in one of the Sunday school rooms. Each bag is numbered
so we can keep track of how many have been given out. Since starting the mini pantry 5 years ago
we've given out 877 bags.

You can learn more about the Hospitality Dare by checking out Kirsten's blog post.

I dare you!

Have you accepted the Hospitality Dare? 

Leave me a comment and let me know how it's going!

You can see what I did to meet these dares:

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