Hospitality Dare

When you were a kid did anyone ever dare you to do something? 
Like jumping from the high dive into the pool or asking out that cute boy in science class? 

What ever the dare it was usually a little scary and  took us out of our comfort zone. There was a bit of danger and the knowledge we were crossing into the unknown. 

Sometimes when we accept a dare it might lead to a less than happy outcome. Like the time in 10th grade when my friend Kathy dared me to skip school and go to the beach. Let's just say when my dad found out it wasn't a happy day!

But today I've accepted a dare that might take me out of my comfort zone. A dare that might cross over into unknown territory but one I'm pretty sure won't be dangerous and will have a happy ending.

I've accepted  the Hospitality Dare!


Krista from Meaning in a Minute and Kristin Schell have partnered together to issue this dare. 

Go to Meaning in a Minute and sign up for the dare. Each day for 7 days they'll send an email that contains a short video that explains the daily dare. 

I've accepted the dare and will be posting about my experience.

 Can you handle the challenge?

I dare you!

You can see what I did to meet these dares:
Hospitality Dares and Challenges

Francis Schaeffer

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  1. Patti,

    I'm so excited you are joining us for the Hospitality Dare! Thanks for spreading the news and joining the fun. I can see we are in good company here. Kindred spirits with hearts for hospitality.

    Blessings, Kristin


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