Practice Hospitality - #1 - Showing Gratitude

  1. The dictionary defines hospitality as:
    • the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guest, visitors, or strangers.
    Synonyms: friendliness, warm reception, welcome, helpfulness, neighborliness, warmth, kindness, congeniality.
For Christians it's command that we show hospitality to one another not an option. 
Be hospitable to one another without complaint.
1 Peter 4:9

Do not neglect to show hospitality...

Hebrew 13:2a
Even in the secular world it's just good old common sense to be kind to one another....

 OK, but how?

...practice hospitality...
Romans 12:13a

Yes, we have to practice. 
Hospitality is a skill and like learning any new skill it takes practice before it becomes natural and easy. 

Even though it's now easier for me to invite people over or to be helpful and kind it hasn't always been the case. I've had to do a lot of practicing over the years and I'm still practicing. Like any skill if we don't use it we'll lose it!

Once a week I'm going to post an idea to practice and hone those hospitality skills. Some tasks will be simple and others a little more time consuming. Some will require very little effort such as the task for today. Other tasks may require us to mustard up some courage and step out of our comfort zone.

Want to join me?

#1 Hospitality Skill to Practice 

Be kind by showing gratitude. 

We all have people in our lives who teach, help and encourage us. People who stick by us through thick and thin. The same people we often times take for granted. The assignment for this week is to make a list of at least five people that you want to thank. Write out a short note to each person saying thank you, address it and drop it in the mail. I guarantee that you'll make someone's day.

I've saved just about every thank you note and notes of encouragement that I've received. I keep them in a envelope in the back of my bible. When I'm feeling down or having myself a little pity party I pull them out and reread them. It never fails to lift my spirits to remember that someone took the time to thank me for something I did for them. I show you these not to say "I'm great look what I did" but to show you that a simple thing like a little note can bring joy to someone for many years to come.

I'm not sure if you can see it but the date on the top card is April 2004. I've held on to that for ten years! The lady who wrote that to me has since gone on to be with the Lord but when I read her words it brings back sweet memories. I'm glad that a simple thing I did brought joy to her life. And her note certainly has brought joy to mine.

 My first thank you note will be to my mom. If you have a mom take a minute and send her a thank you note. 

So have fun and practice a little hospitality!

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I have a pretty box that I keep notes and cards that were written to me through the years that I pull out from time to time when I need encouragement, so I know how much a hand written note can mean to someone, especially if you encourage with scripture

  2. Maryann, thanks for dropping by...it's too bad that more people don't send notes of encouragement. I love getting a handwritten letter in the mail. Such a nice change from bills and junk mail:-) I agree with using scripture to encourage someone.

  3. It is so important to practice gratitude; not only in our own lives, but in awareness to the people around us. Sadly we are loosing much of the "manners" of the past. We don't write handwritten notes, or often even thank people for doing nice things. Thank you for a good reminder!

  4. Elizabeth, thanks for dropping by. You're right that we seem to be forgetting our manners. I need to remind myself sometimes!

  5. Dear Patti, I want to firstly thank you for Linking Up this wonderfully well written post on hospitality!
    I also think this simple command if followed would build bridges and heal hearts! I am your newest follower ;o)
    Please come back and leave us another inspiring word on this subject soon! I believe there is a need for this!
    I also have saved almost every note ever written to me! What treasures we have in them!
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. I love to receive notes of gratitude, so I WRITE thank you notes. I enjoy writing them so much that I started making them... with needle and thread. You can read how I do that here:

    I doubt that a week goes by when I don't need one of these. I also turned our lovely family photo (taken by our cheap camera on the tripod) into a B&W blank cards. These become treasures of the recipient, I'm told. It just feels soooooo good to bless others with kind words or encouragement and gratitude.

    What a delightful post today. I'm visiting you from Living from Glory to Glory.

    Hugs and happy highways,


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