A Gift of Food and Time

Do you know anyone who is confined to their home due to age or illness?

These people are sometimes referred to as shut-ins and most neighborhoods probably have one or two at least. There may even be one on your street maybe right next door. 

I can't imagine not being able to jump in my car to go shopping or to visit friends. I can't imagine what it would be like to live the life of a shut in. To rely on others to bring me the daily necessities of life or the need to turn on the TV to hear a friendly voice. 

Do you know anyone like this? 

This is the perfect opportunity to practice a little hospitality...

Practice hospitality by sharing your time.

There's a elderly widow who lives near me and I try and drop by once a week for a little visit. She gets her meals from a program called "Meals on Wheels" and although they bring nutritious meals they aren't very inspiring.  I usually bring her a few pieces of fruit and a treat to give her a little something extra. 

Today I gathered bananas and apples, a few of the Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Scones that I made yesterday and a jar of honey. The honey is a special treat. The last time I visited her she talked about how her dad was a beekeeper and he'd let her eat a piece of the honeycomb if she got all her chores done. She said she'd chew it like gum. I knew when I came across this jar of honey with the comb that I had to pick it up for her. 

It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day. Less than $10 in treats and 30 minutes of my time.

Go here to see another time I visited with this same lady.

What can you do to brighten someone's day this week?

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  1. We have often lived in a neighborhood with a "neighbor lady" or "neighbor man" with whom we would share our meals, often sending a child over with a plate even before sitting down to dinner ourselves. It was good for us and good for them. The bit of time we would spend visiting was a great way to brighten their day.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Hi Laura, You're right when you say sharing is good for them and for us. Everyone benefits:-)


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