Box Mix Brownies All Dressed Up With Strawberries and Syrup

Last week my girlfriend called to say she'd be on my side of town and would it be OK to drop by for a visit. We hadn't seen each other in a few weeks so of course I said yes!

I had time to whip up a treat for us but the pantry was a little bare. I did have a brownie mix in a box so I baked it up but it seemed a little plain. I decided to do a little brownie dress up. 

Hershey's Strawberry syrup and Chocolate syrup to the rescue!

I used the strawberry syrup to drizzle a few lines on a white plate, topped it with a brownie square and poured on some chocolate syrup. A sliced fresh strawberry fan was just the right garnish. 

I have to admit a little whipped cream and chopped pecans would have been perfect but sometimes you have to go with what you have. 

A plain brownie is certainly tasty but it only takes a minute to dress it up. Going to a little extra effort lets our friends and family know how important they are.

Do you have a favorite way to dress up a plain dessert?



  1. Mmmm... this looks amazing! It would be the perfect thing to go with my coffee this morning :)

    My husband likes donuts made from biscuits dough and then rolled in Confectioners' sugar so I guess that would be my simple recipe that I "dress up."

    Visiting from dear Roxy's link up party and am happy to follow your sweet blog. Enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your visit and for being a new follower! Your comment about biscuit dough reminded me how my husband likes to put butter, sugar and cinnamon on his biscuit so it something like a cinnamon roll. It's so easy to dress up plain foods. Hope you have a great day! Patti

  3. I always keep brownie mix on hand, (I watch for the mixes to go on sale) they are the perfect dessert and with add in's can be made pretty special. Like what you've done with these.

  4. Hi Maryann,, Thanks for dropping by!


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