Get to Know Your Teen's Friends Around the Family Table

When my son turned 16 and got that long sought after driver's license it seemed he was on the road every chance he got. We didn't see much of him. 

One day I told him that we were going to spend that Saturday together as a family by going to the beach. Picnic lunch, walking the trails, swimming. 

Of course he rolled his eyes. 

I explain the importance of taking time to be together. To reconnect and stay in touch. The importance of family time. 

The eye roll again and deep sigh as only a teenager can do.  

He said,  "Mom, we spend tons more time together as a family than my friends do. We eat dinner together almost every night. None of my friends do that."

It made me so sad to think that something I took for granted wasn't the norm in a lot of households. 

I know that life is busy and many things pull us away from home. Even so I can't image growing up in a home  where the family didn't sit down together at least occasionally for a meal. 

That's one reason I'm happy to set an extra plate or two on the table. What we take for granted is often a special treat for some people. 

An added bonus- If you want to find out what your teenagers are doing when they aren't with you just get to know their friends. I learned all kinds of interesting bits of information while sitting around the table:-) 

Do you have teenagers? Would you invite their friends to dinner?

I hope so!

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