A New Year Brings New Opportunities

There's something I love about starting a new year. 

All the resolutions and plans for the coming year make me feel good. Fresh and excited about what's to come. Even though I know I probably won't follow through on all my good intentions (like losing 10 pounds or decluttering my home!) I enjoy the anticipation of the moment:-)

One thing I'm really looking forward to is the prospect of renewing old friendships and making new friends this year.

I love looking over the calendar for the coming months and making plans to entertain in my home.

I think that one thing that is sorely missing in our society is hospitality. The simple act of inviting someone over to share a meal. It doesn't seem that many people do that anymore and it's sad. 

It's true that it's extra work and expense to have people over for a meal. It may even be a little scary to open your home and invite people in. 

"I can't cook", "My house isn't big enough", "My furniture is too shabby" the voices in our heads drone on and on with one reason after another why we can't invite anyone over. 

But if you let that stop you from opening your home you will miss out on the opportunity to bless someone and to be blessed yourself. 

If for some reason you can't invite anyone over (and there are legitimate reasons) there are still many ways to show hospitality.Take a meal to someone in need, write a note of encouragement  or a simple phone call to say hello are just a few ideas. 

I hope that through this blog I can encourage you to set another plate at the table and invite someone over!

This is one reason I live in Florida. Christmas dinner on the porch!

Happy New Year!


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